Professional Wildlife Control & Trapping

Wildlife Control and Trapping

The most important thing about our ecosystem is how it makes sure we are not alone, whether it’s the marauding buffalos, slithering snakes to the pronking deer, or the creeping gators. Wildlife plays an essential role in our survival. 

There are thousands of animals/wildlife indigenous to America alone and are scattered depending on the ecological factors. It is common for humans and wildlife to sometimes conflict regarding feeding, territory, and shelter, especially in lush areas like Jackson, MS. The brutal method would be humans aggressively hunting and pushing this wildlife deeper into the forest, and in some worse cases, out of habitats.

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These actions have even led to the declining populations of some wildlife and the irreversible extinction of other species. Now, Animal cruelty/Poaching laws efficiently solve the problem for animals: But who gets to help humans when, say, an alligator lurks in their basement or climbs into the garden?

Critter Capture

Trapping or taking out wildlife is never an easy task; there are essential considerations a person must make before deciding the most effective method. Methods people consider non-lethal may still be inhumane in Trapping Pest or wildlife infestation.

Professional services like Critter Capture Jackson helps in controlling/removing this wildlife from human settlement and resettling them in better regions around Jackson, MS.   

Our team of professionals is also concerned and cautious about the exclusion methods we use to ensure we do not create wildlife orphans. Resettling most wildlife animals (usually those who live in groups) without other community members can be as fatal as poisoning them.

However, we are only operational in Alabama, JS, Mississippi, and Louisiana for now.

Some examples of Wildlife in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana include;

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Damage that Wildlife Cause

While some wildlife is innocent foragers or scavengers for food, others attack any human in their path. If you live close to forests, it may be dangerous to be without a gun (to scare off wild animals).

The type of damage they cause depends on what the animals seek

  • Structural damage

Animals like bats, rats, birds, squirrels, woodchucks, birds, and so on can get into the house and begin to nest in the attic, roof, basement (rats/mice). Their activities and chewing behaviors will cause such areas to lose structural integrity in time.

  • Foul Smell

Such stench could either be their biology or from their urines and droppings. The skunk, Bats, Rats, Birds, Opossums are all great examples.

  • Attack Pets and Humans

Humans can suffer severe injury or death due to wildlife attacks in rare cases. Attacks from venomous snakes, alligators, or cougars can be deadly without prompt attention. 

Other animals like Possums, Foxes, Squirrels, Snakes are known to attack pets or poultry and steal their eggs/young.

  • Extreme Noise

For example, it can be very noisy around a vast colony of birds in the trees, gardens, or attic. Other animals make scampering and tapping noises when in the home like;



Other Rodents

  • Destruction of food/gardens/storage centers or farmlands

For example, fruit birds, rodents, bats, and similar creatures can cause extreme losses to farmers.

,house painters

Wildlife Control

There are many ways to eliminate and prevent Wildlife from your property or homes. And to make sure these actions will not affect the ecology or immediate areas around your house or garden. Also, these methods are both practical and humane.

  • Habitat Modification

Since all animals need food and shelter to survive, their young ones make the area non-conducive to them. Small changes can cause an extended effect resulting in the animal seeking other regions. These simple actions include;

  • Using rodent resistant feeders,
  • Picking scattered seeds,
  • Mowing tall grasses
  • Exclusion technique

This is a method of putting up barriers that prevent wildlife from accessing specific regions. However, it must be effectively done to avoid the problem of “Accidental Trapping.” Some methods include;

  • Using Nets,
  • Screens and Barricades
  • Fences
  • Crevice sealers
  • Wire Gauze
  • Frightening devices

There are some helpful and innovative means to scare animals including using;

Visual aids – 

  • Scarecrows,
  • Effigies
  • Scary-eye balloons

Audio frightening devices – 

  • Propane Cannons,
  • Distress Calls,
  • Random Bell and Alarm calls

Audiovisual frightening devices

  • Use of Screamers,
  • Shell-Crackers,
  • Propane cannons and spinners,
  • Bangers

Biological frightening devices

  • Repellent chemicals
  • Toxicants  
  • Trapping

There are lots of humane traps and non-lethargic traps that you can use to keep out wildlife infestation. Some of the most popular pitfalls include;

  • Live traps,
  • Cage/Box traps
  • Foothold traps
  • Enclosed Foothold traps
  • Cable restraint Traps
  • Body gripping Traps
  • Rodent Snap traps
  • Mole traps
  • Glue Boards
  • Bird traps


Using any of these control methods or traps can become complicated depending on the local laws on Wildlife safety and cruelty. IF you stay anywhere in the vicinity of Jackson, Mississippi, you should contact the services of Critter Capture Jackson

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