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Congratulations on making it to Critter Capture Removal services; you have one less worry about that Pest/Wildlife creature on your property. If you reside in Jackson, MS, you are in great luck.

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Wildlife and Pests in Jackson Mississippi

We offer services that cover the extensive removal control of Wildlife and Pests. And resettle these animals to a habitat they are comfortable with. We also provide post services of Animal control such as

Wildlife and Pests in Jackson Mississippi

We offer services that cover the extensive removal control of Wildlife and Pests. And resettle these animals to a habitat they are comfortable with. We also provide post services of Animal control such as

There is no doubt about animals’ beneficial activity and importance in our ecosystem. Credible research shows that we cannot live without them. Therefore, animals (not even pests) are not accidental to our planets, and not the least to our homes and gardens. However, the activities of these animals can get so destructive, tiring, unhealthy, and even dangerous to humans and households. The many pieces of evidence are in them.

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Always Trust Critter Capture Services to rid your homes.

At Critter Capture Services, we are not only interested in getting the menace of pests and other dangerous animals of your homes, but we also invest in the ecosystem. Our professionals are trained to remove pets meticulously and cover every area and region of the home and prevent re-invasion.

We create a top-notch service of recreating the interactions between man, animals, and the ecosystem. We are fully conversant with the biological and environmental peculiarities of over 100 different wildlife creatures in Jackson, MS, and beyond. 

At Critter Capture, we believe capturing/killing pets is not enough, but resettling these animals (of course far from residential areas) to places where they will be more helpful to the ecology and less destructive to humans.    

How do we conduct our services?

The most important part of our pest removal service is a consideration for the ecology, and as such, you can expect the use of non-toxic substances. We understand that the soil, gardens, or other materials in the home are usually affected by substances not necessarily intended for the equipment. Our removal service includes any of;
Through physical means, with the aid of other safety equipment and machines, we have resettled certain rodent reptiles (even snakes and alligators) from areas they threaten. Our physical approach is the first considered method, especially in intricate or delicate circumstances.
The chemicals we use are all harmless to the soil, garden, or equipment in your home, depending on the area we are curing. We test all chemicals and agents that we use with our numerous first-grade labs to ensure they are the perfect fix for that area. Chemical removal is usually encouraged where we notice an infestation (colony) and where physical removal/methods will be impossible or dangerous.
We do not just leave the place after removing the moles or other pests from our environment and homes. We take further steps to prevent a recurrence of the infestation or entry of the Pest into that area. We all know how adamant pests and other animals can be about a particular place they have “chosen” to inhabit or parasite upon, and we are not taking such chances. Once the team removes pests or other animals in the area, we proffer long-term advice and solutions to prevent any recurrence or reclaiming of that area by the Pest. When we execute our removal, we ensure it is final and absolute.

When dealing with Pests, the best method is if they never attack. Critter Capture offers both consultancy and practical steps to prevent your property or area from the ravaging influence of pests.
Aside from private homeowners, most people seek to put up a store, warehouse, or other utility centers for edibles and non-edibles alike. Naturally, these are target areas for Pests and other wildlife, and we can help prevent that.
Preventing Pests in businesses, farms, barns, or other storage areas saves more than a strict time.

Our preventions services include;

  1. Recommending a routine needed in preventing Pests,
  2. Consultancy services about the area and the nature of wildlife
  3. Regular Checks on the area and the growth of pests or other animals
  4. Professional services on the preservation of your commodity

Critter Capture is a multi-state establishment to eradicate Pests in your local or commercial area. We accept daily calls from States and regions throughout Alabama, Jackson, MS, Mississippi, Louisiana’s Gulf Coast, and locations within the axis.
Our expansive reach includes being familiar with the wildlife concentrated in each area and the various ecology of the area. Our call services are 24 hours and require no registrations or other time-wasting mechanics.
We are always at your service to rid you of pests.

I am unaware of the Animals ravaging my property.
Our website has a catalog/library of common pests in your homes (Jackson MS) and is likely to invade depending on the season.

Animal Cruelty

We do not condone cruelty to animals in any form from our workers and staff. At Critter Capture services, we unequivocally believe in the rights of animals and neither hold them against legal limits nor indulge in any form of terrible or illicit practices with the animals.
Captured animals are either taken to approved labs or shelter for subsequent investigations (testing) or are released in approved areas (far from residential sites). The FDA and other necessary agencies support the Chemicals and other methods we use to be harmless to pets or the environment.

We take as much pride in the environment and greater pride in ridding your Private or commercial centers from infestation.