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Snake Removal

Forget whatever you watch on TV or YouTube; snakes are hazardous animals to have around the house. Many people die from snake bites each year, with some poison acting faster than the person can receive first aid.

However, only poisonous snakes are aggressive and directly dangerous to humans; the other non-venomous snakes are very beneficial to the ecosystem.

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How do I know if there are snakes in my house?

It can be challenging to tell if a snake is on your property, making them one of the most dangerous reptiles. Snakes are cunny and stealthy; once they get into a part of the house, they lie there and wait for unsuspecting prey or humans. Critter Capture Jackson offers the most effective services to rid your homes of a Snake Infestation. 

Snakes always feel attacked if they find another organism or a person in their space or disturb their culled-up positions. However, some little indicators can tell you if you have a snake problem.


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Some of them include;

  • Slither tracks; shiny tracks can be an indicator of a snake path.
  • Odor – Many snakes have a weird and uncommon smell, especially near where they are culled. Unless you are an expert, it can be difficult to discern it.
  • Droppings – snakes droppings are distinctive in that they look like bird feces, only mixed with bones and furs of their preys
  • Snakeskin – This is a distinctive quality of snakes as they grow. They shed their skin, which is long, dry, and scaly.

Managing Snake infestation in Jackson, MS

Most people are terrified by the sight or presence of a snake and will waste time deciding whether they are venomous or not. This is why it is not advisable or safe to attack snakes in their nests or hiding place. Visit to learn more about snake removal.

It may be wise to vacate such a house or property for a while.

  • Snake Removal

Critter Capture Jackson handles snake removal for many homeowners and other public areas. There are various ways to take out snakes from an area, depending on the type of snake.

  • Removal by hand

Non-venomous snakes can be easily picked up by hands and dropped in a bag. But of course, you need to know those that are non-venomous before attempting such.

Also, the person should wear a glove to avoid germs and maintain a perfect grip.

  • Snake Traps

It is not a straightforward DIY method to use snake traps to take out snakes using traps. If you find a snake on your property, it is not advisable to start taunting or luring the snake using the traps. These traps are often too complicated, and it is always advisable to call professional Snake Removal services.

  • Snake Repellents

Although it is common for people to label certain chemicals to be fully snake repellent, the truth is they are not. Snakes are too random and resistant to various chemicals, which makes a snake repellent very unpredictable means of Snake removal.

Wrapping Up

There is almost no telling what will trigger a Snake to visit your property as they are impulsive creatures. However, Snakes always like to crawl into dark, hidden spaces to trap prey or cool off after a massive kill. They are very dangerous creatures to deal with, and that is why Critter Capture Jackson saves you from the danger and complexities. 

Yet, in whatever you do, do not naively attack a snake, especially those in Jackson, MS. 

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How to Keep Snakes Out Of Your Basement

Snakes are scaly, legless creatures that you probably don’t want to share your yard with. Unlike most other animals, snakes are incredibly secretive animals. They can live right next to you, and you would have no idea until you stumbled over them or their shed skin. They can hide beneath boxes or in confined spaces where you won’t be able to see them. Unfortunately, the features that make your backyard enjoyable for you, like a cool shade and attractive landscaping, are also what attract snakes.

If you’ve been startled by the sight of a snake hurdled in one corner of your basement, or you came across their shed skin, then you must be wondering how they got in and how you can get rid of them. Well, we’re here to help! In this article, we shared a few tips on how to keep snakes out of your basement. But before we dive in, let’s discuss why snakes will get into a basement first.

Why will snakes get into the basement?

Rodents, specifically mice, are tasty meals for many smaller snake species. Therefore, the presence of mice in your basement is enough to draw snakes in. And we all know how common mice are in many households, mice are one of the most common house pests and if their populations are not carefully controlled, they can bring snakes inside. 

Another reason why snakes will get into your basement is for comfort. Snakes prefer cooler climates, and they can get uncomfortable when it’s hot outdoors. Because the basement is below ground, it keeps much cooler than other parts of the house above ground, so snakes will crawl into the basement to escape from the heat outside. In other words, the basement is similar to a cave in the wild, at least that is how snakes see it. 

So, how do they gain access to the basement? Most houses develop cracks and gaps over time, and even though these may not be obvious to us, animals know how to take advantage of them. Snakes are slim with very flexible tubular bodies. They are able to squeeze through a small hole, once the head can get through, the rest of their bodies will gradually follow. And this is even truer for smaller snakes.  

So how can you keep snakes out of the basement?

Here are a couple of tips for keeping snakes out of your basement. 

Prevent them from coming in every opening, every hole, every under-door crack, every broken window, and every loose board should be completely sealed, and make an effort to be thorough. Also keep an eye out for broken pipes, as these can also serve as entry points. There are snake species that can climb trees, so don’t rule out anything. They’ll find a way in if one exists!

Remove their food sources: food is one of the key reasons snakes might come in. If you have rodents, frogs, lizards, birds, or other delightful delicacies in there, you’ll have to deal with that as well. If you take away the snakes’ food source, they will be less likely to come into your home.

Use snake repellents: there are certain substances that repel snakes, you can purchase a good snake repellent and strategically put them in your basement and attic. There are claims that mothballs work, but your best bet is a reliable commercial snake repellent from a reputable brand.

And lastly, you should keep in mind that snakes aren’t trying to scare or hurt you. They’re just trying to survive and get through the day, find some food, shelter, and a mating partner. They will only strike out if they feel attacked, so ensure that you stay out of their way at all times. If you help with getting a snake out of your basement, give us a call today!

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How to Remove Snakes from the Attic?

One of the most feared animals that comes into homes is the snake. Snakes are able to find their way into many different areas, so long as they can slither through them. Even without the fear that some people have of them, snakes are a liability to have around your home and property. If you are experiencing a snake problem in your home, continue reading to learn how to remove snakes from your attic. 

Why are snakes attracted to my home?

When snakes come into your home, there are two major reasons why they might be doing this. One of the most important is that snakes are usually looking for shelter. A home makes a great shelter for snakes, particularly when the weather becomes harsh. Snakes prefer dark, climate-controlled areas that are away from humans. This is why they are found in attics so often. In addition to finding a good shelter in which to live, snakes are also looking for easy sources of food. Snakes eat many different types of food including mice, rats, worms, insects, birds, and many more. If you have a large population of any of these types of prey animals, it is very likely that snakes will be attracted to your property and could make their way into your home.

Do snakes cause damage?

Property damage from snakes is very unlikely, as they are basically incapable of causing any physical damage to any material. The thing to be worried about with having snakes around is that they can pose a direct threat to you, your family, and your pets with their bites. It is very important to understand that even if a snake is not venomous, it is very likely that a single bite from it could cause infection. A snakebite generally leads to pain and swelling, and could potentially cause a fatal infection that could spread throughout your body. A very serious threat is the risk of a venomous snake being in your attic. Snakes usually lash out at humans and animals when they are surprised, so this can present a dangerous situation in most attics, as people are often turning over possessions and rummaging through items. This is why it is very important to have snakes removed from your property as soon as you can.

How should I prevent snakes?

If you are looking for a way to keep snakes from getting into your attic, there are several steps you can take that would cut the likelihood of a snake getting in down to almost zero. To begin this process of prevention, your best bet is to seal up your home. Begin by looking all over the exterior and interior of your home, everywhere from the roof to the basement. Keep an eye out for any holes, cracks, and gaps that could allow a snake to get in. If you see any of these possible problem areas, you will want to fix it as soon as possible, as it could also be used by rats, mice, and other small pests. You have the option to perform a DIY repair with whatever material you need, or you can call in a handyman if the repairs are past your ability level.

Another really easy step to take is to clean up your property in order to reduce your yard’s attractiveness to snakes. This can be done with some simple steps. First, keep your grass and weeds trimmed short, as this will make snakes and other small prey creatures less comfortable. Once this has been done, focus on removing debris from your yards, such as leaf piles, wood piles, and branches.

Can I remove snakes?

Snake removal is very tricky, especially in an attic. Since it is difficult to identify a snake’s species, it is recommended to hire a professional wildlife removal company, as this will keep you and your family safe from being bitten by a venomous reptile. In addition to removing the snake from your home, you can also ask the pest control company to perform services that will keep any future snake and other pests out of your home and attic for good. Once your snakes are removed, the risk of danger to you, your family, and your pets will be gone.

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