Professional Damage Repair & Restoration

Damage Repairs and Restoration

One way or the other, homeowners and other property managers suffer from the destructive effect of Pests and further wildlife infestation. The warmth, feeding opportunity, and simplicity the area offers will always make it attractive to pests and other wildlife creatures. 

As a professional wildlife removal agency, Critter Capture Jackson has covered hundreds of homes and property within and outside the Jackson, Mississippi territory. These professional services are often preferred because of the humane and non-lethargic means to resettle this wildlife and Pest. 

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There are many benefits to humanely resettling these Pests and Wildlife rather than seeking toxic and destructive means. Some of them include;

  • Benefits to the ecosystem,
  • Avoid legal troubles
  • Long-lasting methods.

However, removing these creatures is not the last step or decision; you will have to clean up the mess left behind. 

The Damage Pests/Wildlife cause

While we cannot downplay the essence of wildlife in our ecosystem, they cost so much through their infestation. 

Some of the Damage these creatures leave behind are;

  • Structural Damage from overuse and their activities (Roof/Attics)
  • Foul smells from their habitation and droppings
  • Destruction to Utility cables, wires, and so on
  • Contamination of foods and other surfaces
  • Transfer of smaller insects, bugs, and pests  
  • Transmitting disease to other pets in the home

And this is why a person needs professional services in getting rid of these creatures in the first place. The task is too daunting and less efficiently done using a DIY approach. Also, some of these pests are dangerous to humans, and they carry through the pests.

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At Critter Capture services we don’t just resettle the pests/wildlife; they also offer after services of damage repair and decontamination of a perceived area the Pest infested.

Depending on the wildlife or pest infestation, you will have to make repairs and restorations to any of;

  • Attic Damage and restoration

If your home or property was visited by raccoons, bats, or other rodents, then there is at least a structural damage case in the attic. It is common for their chewing and building actions to tamper with pipes and other utilities. 

For example, water leakage from any pipe can drip continuously on the attic, compromising its integrity.

The Damage determines the repairs. If the pipes were severely chewed and dissected, you would have to replace the lines; a simple patch may do.

  • Installing New insulations

Pests in your walls can ruin almost anything in their path, including the innocent and valuable insulations. Rats, Mice, and Raccoons chew through insulation or drywall and wreck them.

Of course, no one will want to stay in a building with faulty or wrong insulations. The only remedy for this is to install new insulation.

  • Replacing gutters

Gutters and soffits are essential equipment in the home; they ensure the free passage of water and other liquid debris from the roof. However, having squirrels, raccoons, or even a large colony of bats on the roof (gutters) can make them collapse/give way. 

Besides replacing the gutters more firmly, ensure to seal and breach all the gaps under the eaves.

  • Crawlspaces Cleanup and Restoration

Certain pests prefer to hide under the moist and dark space of the porch or the basement. If groundhogs, skunks, alligators crashed into your property, you are likely to find them under these sorts of places. 

Not only do they hide there, but some of them also go on to dig the ground or even chew on the woods and other supporting structures. 

All entrances to crawl spaces must be sealed, and professionals must inspect any further damage to the structure underneath.

  • Repairing the Roofs

We all know the damage that comes from a leaking or sagging roof. Any form of pest action closer to the roof may lead to some form of breach and leakage. Chewing or boring holes through the roof can lead to water damage and the formation of other microorganisms.

  • Maintaining and Restoring Air quality.

Repairing Pest and infestation damage also includes clearing all the pests and other microorganisms the critters spread. For example, bacteria and fungus that grow from bat guano’s droppings, raccoon feces, or other rodents can heavily contaminate the air and spread air-borne disease. 

You should allow professionals like Critter Capture to inspect these regions in your house for safety. 

Also, utmost safety practices should be considered, such as in the

  • Use of facemask
  • Hand gloves
  • Protective clothing and so on.

Wrapping Up

There are several other ways pests and wildlife affect your properties. It may even cause psychological effects on your pets and other inhabitants. If you are dealing with Pest infestation, the best thing is to call professionals at Critter Capture Jackson

Many households and properties in Jackson, MS, can attest to the efficient pest control services they got. Remember that cleaning up after Pest/wildlife removal is crucial as Pest control. 

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