Professional Squirrel Removal

Squirrel Removal

If not at the top, Squirrels should come a close second on the list of troublesome rodents that are available in America, especially Jackson, MS. Places like Alabama and Mississippi alone have about three different species of squirrels indigenous to the state.

Like many other family members (rodents), squirrels can cause unprecedented levels of damage, destruction, and disturbance to man and other food stock. It includes large-scale colonization and destruction of farmlands, storage centers, gardens, and even homes.

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How to identify Squirrel Presence in the homes

Almost everyone is familiar with what a squirrel looks like; they are very common invaders of human settlements and gardens. If you notice your trash area is rowdier than ever, or your garden has more holes than you can count, you likely have a squirrel infestation.

Characteristic by their very bushy tails, slender body, and round head with large dark eyes. However, their most prominent feature is their long, ever-growing incisors seen in the scratches and climbing they make. 

It is common to mistake a squirrel for a cute little rodent, and you wouldn’t be wrong until you see the menace they can cause. 

Some indicators of their presence include;

  • Gnaw marks,
  • Chewed wood, wire, and utility cables
  • Foul smell coming from the Attic,
  • Chirping, thumping sounds on the roof
  • Little materials of nests 
  • Presence of long, round droppings

Squirrels species in Jackson, Mississippi

The popular squirrel species in places like Alabama and Mississippi include the;

  • Fox Squirrel
  • Gray Squirrel
  • Southern Flying Squirrel  

Feeding Habits

The feeding habits of these rodents make them especially destructive to humans and their properties. Their quest for food can lead them to be very aggressive in their movements and activity. This can make them invade living spaces, create giant burrows and adopt areas of the homes to make shelters.

Squirrels can eat various plants, leaflings, fungi, and other things growing out of land or trees. And in some instances, it is not uncommon to find them consuming meat or other smaller insects/animals.

Their feeding habits will often lead them to attack specific parts of human settlements like

  • Trash,
  • Gardens,
  • Fruit trees,
  • The inner part of the homes.

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Squirrel damage

There are various ways squirrels cause damage to your homes or properties, and these can cost both financially, physically, and many other ways.

Digging holes in gardens or farms

Their quest for hidden nuts and worms makes them notorious and tireless diggers. Having these kinds of holes in your gardens affects your property’s soil structure and topography. It means plants may not get enough nutrients or necessary protection.

  1.Chewing power lines

One funny but painful damage is how Squirrels cause lots of power outages and wastage through their actions. Their constant need to chew usually makes any wire or rubber pipes in their path “food.” Most times, people may find it hard to discover the cause of the problem until an overhauling

  2. Chewing holes in the Attic 

Squirrels settle for the damp and dark places when they invade the home. This can make them attack and chew on anything in their path, like Attic, ceiling, or even make holes through the roof. Visit to learn more about squirrels in the attic.

  3.Nesting in the home

Squirrels’ one-sided love for humans means they will likely nest in a home if they find it comfortable. This can be problematic to the dwellers in many ways;

Their droppings can cover the area and other parts of the house with foul smells and can even become the breeding ground of other smaller insects.


The Centre for disease control warns that squirrels can pose health risks to humans. Small rodents like squirrels can get infected with rabies or carry other smaller parasites into the home, affecting everyone. 

  5.Attack your poultry or birds

While squirrels may not be aggressive or intimidating to other animals, they are known to attack poultry feeders, scare off birds, feed on their eggs, and so on.

Getting rid of squirrels

The havoc these furry animals cause makes them unlikely and unworthy candidates for cohabitation either within the home or in farmlands. And the dweller must get rid of them or even prevent them from attacking the property.

Critter Capture

The easiest and most effective means to get rid of squirrels on the property is to contact Critter Capture Jackson. We understand that it can be challenging for a person to get rid of these rodents without employing inhumane methods, and this is why we cover a large region, including the Jackson MS. 

Our team of professionals is vast in extended periods of experience in capturing and resettling wildlife and other pests. We ensure that these pests cannot disturb other community members while doing so.

Aside from offering services to rid you of squirrel infestation, we also proffer solutions that help private homeowners and commercial facility managers get rid of insufferable pests like Squirrels away from the property.

Preventing Squirrels from getting into your homes

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Sometimes, our clients like to “hold the fort” before calling on our professional service to rid them of the squirrels. Here are some of the most helpful and practical do it yourselves methods that can help;

  • Trim branches that touch the house

It is now common knowledge that squirrels like to play and shelter trees. It will not be long before they migrate into the homes or gardens if a branch affords them that route.

  • Coat utility lines

Squirrels have an excellent penchant for chewing, and that is why all utility lines should be correctly coated or covered with materials repulsive to squirrels. Popular material is to use PVC pipes over the line

  • Cover Chimneys, Vents

It is essential to use meshes or wire gauze to cover any purposeful openings in the homes appropriately. It saves you the trouble of dealing with marauding wildlife.

  • Purchase squirrel resistant feeders

Some more innovative feeders help keep the squirrel away. Some of them either distract the squirrel or scare them off.

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How to Remove Squirrels from the Attic?

With over 2 billion gray squirrels living in the United States alone, it’s not too far of a reach to assume that you’ve seen more than one throughout your life. Hopefully, however, that means that you haven’t seen too many in your attic – something that you probably have, considering you’re reading this article.

Nonetheless, squirrels are one of the most common creatures across the globe, and they’re also one of the most invasive creatures out there. Once a squirrel’s found a location it likes, it’ll gladly go ahead and get its large family moved in and ready to survive from that location. While that often means your backyard, in many situations, it means your attic.

Attics are a great spot for just about any creature to live, and that more than handily includes a squirrel. Unfortunately, however, that doesn’t mean you can leave them alone – squirrels are very social creatures, used to the motion in a human household, and they’ll gladly move down in order to grab food or other supplies from within your house.

As such, how can you remove squirrels from the attic?

Find the Squirrels

First things first, find the squirrels, although safely. While squirrels might appear more bark-than-bite, they’ve got sharp teeth, little claws, and can carry diseases like the plague. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to find squirrels compared to other animals; with the sheer size of squirrels that gather together, you’ll likely be able to stand outside and see more than one go into your attic.

Squirrels find entrances to the attic very easily, whether by gnawing through a soft spot in a wall of the area, or finding a small gap or vent to crawl through. These creatures are incredibly active and they’ll climb trees and jump from lower spots to get where they need to. That unfortunately means that you can’t just trim a tree or scoot a chair to keep the squirrels out. Rather, this:

Removing Squirrels from the Attic

Squirrels are very stubborn animals, adjusting their patterns and doing whatever they can for each other. Fortunately for you, however, that means that putting enough pressure on their attic home can mean the entire group moves out together.

After you’ve spotted the entrances for the squirrels, then you’ll need to either call a professional or wear some protective gear and investigate the attic. Look for a nest, likely made out of attic materials or leaves and scraps brought in from outside. If there are any babies, then we’d recommend you stop this process if you are doing it by yourself, as baby squirrels are incredibly sensitive and may die when scared.

If there isn’t a nest or aren’t any babies present, then get to work sealing all but one entrance/exit to/from the attic. Leaving one opening gives squirrels a place to leave and enter, but one that can be quickly trapped and set to capture whatever one comes through.

Once everything’s locked down, set up a cage trap right outside that one entrance, making it so that the squirrels can only leave directly into a trap. Once they’re trapped, either call animal control/professionals or look at your local regulations online to ensure that you’re allowed to trap and relocate a squirrel. Different places have different laws.

Finishing Up

Once you’ve captured the squirrels and relocated them, then you’ll need to finish sealing off all the entrances (with extra protection), stop making sure you make any reentry as hard as possible. That means cutting long-reaching tree limbs, moving chairs, putting up netting, or really anything to keep squirrels away.

This could also mean moving a bird feeder, changing food, putting up motion-detected sprinklers, or really anything that could startle a squirrel. If you need any help in this process and cleaning up everything afterward, definitely feel free to ask any questions to your local professional or animal control service. That’s always a great, safe alternative to doing it yourself.

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