Professional Rodent Control (Rats & Mice).

Rodent Control (Rats & Mice)

In man’s community and other residences, few animals torment humans as much as Mice/Rats. Their ability to adapt to just anyplace, weather, or even feeding condition makes them the top on the most problematic pest list.

With their small sizes and great sense of smell, rats/mice can sneak into anywhere they perceive food, shelter, or escape from any predator. Most times, even the natural remedy of getting a cat to counter their activity fails. 

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Rats are common in almost every part of the world. In Jackson MS, there are the following;

  • Oldfield mouse 
  • Cotton deer mouse
  • White-footed deer mouse
  • Alabama beach mouse
  • Eastern Harvest mouse
  • Golden mouse
  • Hispid cotton rat 

And in places like Mississippi and Louisiana, we have;

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Signs you have a rat problem (Rat infestation)

It is not hard to detect a rat infestation unless you have not been on the property for a long time. If you attempt a long trip or journey, you should contact a professional pest control and removal service like Critter Capture Jackson, especially in Jackson, MS. 

Some of the signs of rat, mice, or similar rodents infestation are usually similar, so are their control methods;

  • Droppings

Since rodents always find the time to nibble, they cannot help but drop their droppings everywhere in the perimeter. Also, these droppings can be very disgusting and foul-smelling to humans. They are usually small and long and are invariably dispatched around the property.

  • Gnaw marks

It is the shared nature of rats and mice to chew whatever comes their way. This can be very disturbing in the case of food scarcity. They can chew on plastics, woods, electric cables, foams, utility cables, baskets, and so on. These chewing leaves gnaw marks behind.

  • Presence of expanding Holes/Cracks 

One of the easiest ways for rats/mice to remain in your homes is if there are many cracks. If they find such damages homey and comfortable, they can stay there for a very long time.

  • Annoying little sounds

Rats and mice cannot just be quiet for their life. They will ensure you have no peace during the day and at night. Although mainly nocturnal, rats and mice also move to find food and other supplies during the day.

Their squeaky and sneaky scampering sounds can be bothersome, especially at night.

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Damages they cause

Rats can cause many damages when living in human settlements, and it can be almost impossible to get rid of them entirely. 

Depending on their activity and previous habitat, they can transmit certain diseases to their host. 

Other ways Rats and mice because severe damage is;

  • Destruction of food

Rats and mice never seem to have enough nibbling and can waste poorly stored foods, raw or cooked.

  • Widening of cracks

Rats/Mice will enter a path in the wall/ground and enhance them by digging to fit their family. This can become problematic as rats/mice have high breeding rates.

  • Nibbling of utility lines

Rats can nibble on electric/utility cables and pipes until there is a breach in these materials. There are even cases of rats and mice destroying car cables and other connections. 

  • Dig holes and eat up seeds

In their extraordinary quest for food, Rats can dig up and eat the seeds of your plants. And this can cause extreme losses to the farmers.

What should you do?

Dealing with Rat infestation can be daunting; the process involved is no mean feat. You may have to search and turn over the apartment. Visit to learn more about rat control.

Practically, employing Pest removal service from Critter Capture Jackson is the most effective method. 

Some of the easier DIY steps are;

  • Exclusion

The best way to deal with rodent pests like rats/mice is to ensure they lack access to holes or other cracks in the house. Seal it up entirely as soon as you discover a hidden place or crack.

As for other natural or purposeful openings, it is better to cover the entrance with gauze.

  • Proper Cleanup

Naturally, Rats are attracted to rowdy, rough, or unkempt areas. It is prevalent to find their populations growing in huge dumps, trash areas, and so on. Maintaining proper sanitation at regular intervals is a helpful routine to control the Rat population.

  • Seal up all foods with rat-repelling containers

Some materials are specifically built to repel rats or mice and keep them from penetrating. 

  • Use Mouse Traps

Mousetraps are only effective with a tiny population of rats, and it is only temporary. However, it can help the rats to begin to think of such areas as unfriendly.

Most times, the person must include a bait/trap food like;

Cheese, crayfish, peanuts, little chunks of meat.

  • Rodenticides

Many natural and synthetic mixtures are repulsive (sometimes dangerous) to rats. However, this should be done cautiously depending on the animal cruelty laws in your State.

Critter Creatures

We are a professional Pest removal agency with services that include;

  • Preventions,
  • Removal, and
  • General consultancy

We help eliminate pests, their activities, and the menace they create in the homes. In addition, we embark on damage recovery and proffering lasting solutions to the pest infestation. 

Also, we use non-destructive or injurious methods when dealing with pests. This can save you from any existing laws on animal cruelty in our region. However, we ensure that all problems are resettled in areas far from human settlement.

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How to Get Mice Out Of The Garage?

Despite how gross and troublesome they are, mice are pretty common house pests. You can find them even in clean homes, but that’s not to say that you should tolerate them, certainly not! Mice, or rodents of any kind, should never be welcome in your home, including the garage, and it’s not just because of the diseases they carry, but also because they have a tendency to multiply really fast. 

A single female rat can have up to 60 pups per year. And the better the living conditions, the faster they reproduce and the faster their population grows. And if the population of rats in your garage continues to grow, the chances of them finding their way into your home also increase. If you have a mouse problem in your garage, here are steps to get them out:


Step 1: Clean up the garage

Rats will get into your garage in search of a conducive place to build their home and escape from predators. If your garage is full of clutter, this will attract rodents because it will provide them a good place to hide and multiply. To make your garage unattractive to mice:

  1. Remove piles of stuff, including boxes and old stuff
  2. Remove bags of grain, bags of mulch, pet food, grass seed, or store in rodent-proof containers with secure lid
  3. Remove clutter of outdoor furniture cushions
  4. If you have a car that you don’t use often, start it up and crank the engine; look under the hood, in the trunk, and inside the glove box for signs of mice 


Step 2: Block entry points

If you already have mice infestation in your garage, there are few ways to deal with that. First, you will need to do a thorough inspection of the garage to determine where the mice are coming in from. Mice are very small animals, which means that they are able to squeeze through very small holes and cracks in the buildings. Look for both large and small cracks, follow the freshest droppings you can find and see where it leads you too. Finding and sealing cracks will help prevent more mice from coming in. 


Step 3: Trap and remove mice

Setting up a mousetrap with a good bait is the most efficient technique to get rid of them. You’ll need to carefully place several of these traps in areas where mice easily will get to them. It’s best to set up many traps in strategic places where you’ve noticed droppings, mice urine or tracks. Since these rodents are creatures of habit, they will travel through the same part over and over again. Mice also have poor eyesight, and they rely on their whiskers and travel along edges and corners, so the best areas to place mouse traps are along edges and corners. There are different types of traps for mice to choose from, you can either use a live trap or kill traps. 


A live trap will catch mice alive, while kill traps will kill the animals. Kill traps that instantly kill mice are better than those that make the animals suffer for a long time before they die. Pick a trap that you feel will get the job done, and you can handle. If you don’t want to deal with dead mice, then go for a good live trap.  If you use live traps, make sure that you check them often , so you can quickly release any trapped mouse. Leaving a mouse in a trap for very long is unfair and will put the animal thorough torture, no food and water and the fear of no knowing what will happen is usually too much torture for any animal. 


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How to Remove Rodents from the Attic?

    Rats and mice are two of the most common nuisance animals that are found in many areas across the country. These critters are very opportunistic pests that look for shelter and food sources to survive and procreate. Having mice or rats in your home can be very dangerous, as they cause many different types of damage, as well as spread very harmful diseases to humans and their pets. Continue reading to learn how to remove rodents from the attic.

Why are rats and mice attracted to my home?

    Mice and rats are one of the most adaptable and opportunistic types of nuisance animals that are commonly encountered. They will generally pick where they want to live based on whether or not they are able to find large amounts of easy food sources. This is why properties that have plenty of prey species around them are so attractive to rodents. One of the most common reasons that a large prey population would exist in your yard is if there is plenty of tall grass and cover for the prey to live in. Another problem that would attract rodents to a person’s home is if there is trash, food scraps, or a vegetable garden within distance of the house. Finally, rats and mice are always on the lookout for a nice shelter to raise their young. This is why homes are such a great option, as they are heated, have food sources around them, and keep them safe from larger predators and birds.

What problems do mice and rats cause?

    Mice and rats are one of the worst animals that you can get in their home. These critters are each able to spread dozens of bacterial and viral infections that can leave you, your loved ones, and your pets at risk for potentially fatal illnesses. Some of the most serious diseases are hantavirus, rat bite fever, and tularemia. Rats and mice are able to get into virtually any area, which is especially harmful, as they will spread their diseases through your urine, feces, and saliva. In addition, direct contact through a bite or scratch can also lead to a serious infection. 

    As if the health risks of rodents was not enough to cause alarm, their ability to damage properties is second to none. Since they chew through many different materials, it can have serious ramifications for homeowners. Not only will rats and mice chew on wires, potentially causing electrical fires, but they will even chew up drywall and lumber to get to new parts of your home. If a rodent cannot find an entry point into your home, it will quickly make one by chewing through your siding and drywall. This is very bad because it will allow other nuisance animals to get into your attic as well.

How can I prevent rodents?

    The prevention of rodents is a very serious endeavor that can save you thousands of dollars if done properly. One of the most important steps that you need to take is to examine your home. This needs to be done from the exterior and interior of your home. Pay extra close attention to your roof, roofline, attic, and even the weather strips on your doors and windows. You should be on the lookout for any materials that are damaged, wearing, or have a hole or crack in them. If you find any problem areas, repair it to the best of your ability or hire a professional to do the job for you. Once this is done, you can relax and know that rodents will be much less likely to get into your home.

How can I remove rodents from my attic?

    Rodent removal can be very tricky, particularly if the rodents are in your attic. Mouse and rat removal in Jackson is a very big problem, as it is in many parts of the United States. It is generally recommended to hire a professional wildlife removal company to get rid of your rodent problem, as they are able to reproduce so quickly that DIY removal often leads to a more serious and costly infestation. In addition to removing mice and rats from your home, these professionals will also be able to perform prevention services that will keep any future rodents out.


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