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Removing Pests and other wildlife critters around your homes can be very daunting to do alone. You must contact our professional services, especially in Jackson, MS. We are prompt in our response and conduct all our activities with due diligence and standard practices.

Why Contact Us

You do not have to wait until you see Raccoons or Squirrels hopping around your living rooms or devastating your gardens. Jackson, MS, Alabama, and Louisiana gulf coast are natural habitats and host to various wildlife. And in time, these creatures can become devastating pests in your homes.

Not only do we have an experienced team, but we have lots of customers in our books who continually book our services and are eternally grateful for our efficiency.

At Critter Capture, we prioritize efficiency and thoroughness over speed. We understand that every wildlife is just a victim of their environment and deserves respect from humans. Therefore, we take great care in resettling them to more befitting habitats.

Can we come down to your Yard?

Of course, we first carry out inspection calls on the property or area before even suggesting a routine or removal method. And for a matter of urgency, we make sure to come prepared and in the quickest time possible.

Why you should Choose Critter Capture?

First, it can be a daunting and unwise decision to attack Pests or any wildlife by yourself, unless they are more minor pests or creatures. The best form of action in the case of an infestation is to contact our professional services. 

Remember that if you do it wrongly, you will have o deal with a significant infestation and a well-breached environment. Here are reasons why you should contact us about the job

  • Full Social Media presence

Our Facebook page is an excellent place to share your experience and see reviews from other people. And you can reach us via our DMs for different messages. However, we encourage you to contact our telephones for urgent issues.  

  • Continuous upgrade in our process

We believe that the only way to stay on top of wildlife control is to refine and upgrade the processes we use. We also sponsor regular trainings for our staff and conduct lab tests on all the chemicals we use

  • We are 100% humane in our process.

It can be challenging to get Pest control services that employ a humane process in removing the pests. Of course, while many may consider this method radical and faster, it continues to impact the environment negatively.

  • Warranty

Even when we complete the Pest removal job, we still give you assurances for a reasonable period. We always proffer total and complete solutions to the Pest and wildlife invasion. 

  • Affordable

You do not have to pay multiple times for the combined effort of Pest control/Removal, Sanitation, and Damage restoration. We offer all of these services and have dedicated efficient teams. You will not have to worry about employing multiple hands to finish a job we can complete.

Critter Capture

The founding belief of our company is gratitude and respect for the diversity in our environment. Not only have we resettled much wildlife, but some of our willing members have adopted strays as a pet. 

We believe in giving everything a new life; including your Homes, gardens, and the Animals we remove

We also help you avoid any form of legal troubles in dealings with an animal. Of course, even in the uncommon case of legal troubles with our methods, we will bear full responsibility and cost.   

Jacksons Critter Capturing Experts