About Critter Capture Jackson.

About Us

We understand that everyone loves their Wildlife from a distance, like at the back of a screen or the cage. And we help our clients achieve just that. Over the years, we have availed our services to Alabama, Jackson, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

Whether it is a wildlife infestation, marauding animals around the perimeters of your property, or Pests destruction, we work tirelessly to rid you of the invaders. We believe in a win-win for both humans and the ecosystem.

We understand the beautiful terrains and lush forests of Jackson, Mississippi, and how it homes some hundred species of Wildlife. While this is a lovely thing to the ecosystem, they can quickly become troublesome to man due to their encroaching behaviors.  

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Who we are

At Critter Capture, we are a family, and it simply is just that. Our works, target, and vision for the agency are tied to family. We have built before and during the formation of Critter Capture. 

Individually, we have amassed over 20 years of experience working either in advanced labs or other professional removal services. Not only do we give you what you want, but we do it in the minimum time possible.

Since we understand the urgency of infestation or Pest destruction, we are always at the end of the phone waiting for your call.

Our processes

Critter Capture employs the most efficient methods when taking out Pests from the yard and environment. Some of the processes we use to accomplish our mission include;

  • Inspection

We take tests, samples, observation, and inspection of the property to determine the type of infestation. We understand that the various animals have metabolism and modus operandi. 

Our inspection team covers

  • Chimneys,
  • Attics,
  • Pipes,
  • Crawlspaces,
  • Basements,
  • Gardens,
  • Soil tests
  • Customize your operations

The peculiarities of your case will determine the method we use to handle such. The various results of our inspection can include;

Whether to use traps or chemical repellents,

The best mode of physical or mechanical control

  • Implementation

We understand that executing the procedures can be very daunting as a DIY method. And that is why in addition to the consultancy and test we offer, we have a team experienced in re-settling and removing these animals.

 Our steps include;

  • The removal and resettling of Wildlife,
  • Post-removal cleanup and decontamination
  • Restoration and repairing of damaged utilities

What makes our approach different

Family for us is everything, so we will not even place selfish reasons above wildlife importance. Not only do we resettle these animals in a comfortable space and habitat, but we also ensure they are not inhumanely separated from their families.

At Critter Capture, we are also interested in our relationships with our clients. We do not offer one-off or optional services, and we continue to strive and pursue your issues. All complaints and requests are treated as custom and new, and this is how we remain fresh and competitive in serving you.

Lastly, we cannot overemphasize our love for the ecosystem and the environment. Our default practice is to shun all forms of destructive chemicals used to control Wildlife. We understand these chemicals can be toxic to the land and the animals.

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Our objectives

Critter Capture is focused on improving the ecosystem through the redefinition of the relationship between Wildlife and man. While we understand that we both have a relationship in the ecosystem, no destructive actions should be suffered. 

Also, we hope to promote environmental awareness among our customers and clients to see that inhumane actions toward animals harm us all. 

Why Critter Capture

If our assurances do not move you, consider our accolades and reviews of our services in Jackson, MS. Some of our credentials include;

  • Up-to-date and fully licensed
  • Combined 50 years of experience among our staff
  • Long-term experience regarding damage restoration and repairs
  • Lab-confirmed tests for our humane wildlife removal methods
  • Affordable services
  • 24/7 availability, including weekends and holidays    

A trial with our services will convince you to trust us.

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