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Opossum Removal

Although not as destructive as rodents or other pests, Opossums can create a lot of mess, especially if they gain passage to your homes. Being opportunistic feeders, Opossums are not as persistent or insufferable as Rats or mice.

However, their activities around your trash and other areas will have you rethinking that position. Being resourceful creatures, they will eat almost anything that comes their way. As such, opossums can leave a very nasty feel or appearance to your trash area, or anywhere they nest in your property.

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Feeding Habits

Their feeding habits put Opossum in a complicated relationship with their host. Since they are nocturnal and omnivorous, it means getting a rest while Opossum around is a big No. 

How do you know you have an Opossum problem?

  • Opossums will feed on anything, including fruit, grain, and insects, and will not stop at decomposing foods, garbage compost, or even pet foods. They are not careful in doing this and will usually run into trouble.
  • Also, Opossum releases a foul-smelling substance while trying to play possum. It is one of their escape mechanisms from predators, where they play dead.
  • The smell from Feces, Urine, and other materials is carried from the trash. Since Possums can eat decomposing materials and other junk, they can get smelly anywhere they decide to assemble or hide.
  • Sounds of trash falling over; There will always be the problem of noise wherever opossums are feeding. It includes overturning trash cans, sounds of paws hitting the floors/attics. 

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Damages that Opossum cause

While many types of research absolve Opossums from being rabid or contracting rabies, they can cause several other damages to a person. Visit to learn more how to control opossums.

  • Destroy the Garbage Can

The constant kicking about and scattering of Garbage can make it physically hard to keep your trash in the opening until you remove the Opossums. 

The Center for Disease Control warns that a person with an opossum infestation problem must first be wary of contacting 

These diseases can affect a person’s health in many ways and may even kill livestock or pets around.

  • Contamination in the home

Due to their feeding habits, Opossums can carry a wide range of germs and microorganisms. Spending most of their time in the wild or foraging in the trash can also carry other smaller pests and insects. 

These smaller micro-organisms can get into the home if the Opossum gets into the attic or any other place

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Removal process

any form of removing or ridding pests is never an easy job, talk less of making it a DIY project. When pests like Opossums reside in your homes, they often carve out very hidden and dark areas, making removal very difficult.

Critter Capture Jackson services in Jackson Mississippi can ease the stress and complexity in taking your scavenging visitors. Employing a professional service also saves you the stress of legal troubles, especially if you are in a state that has active animal cruelty laws.

There are various steps to remove Opossums efficiently and other pests in the homes or property, including;

  • Inspection

This stage needs an expert or professional to understand the markings and habits of the pests in your property. It may well turn out to be a different pest and render all initial removal procedures. 

Signs like scattered trash, droppings, foul-smelling, and other markings may give a hint, but not enough to convict of opossum infestation. 

  • Taking them out

Opossums are generally docile creatures and will not willingly stay where they face aggression. However, their famous “playing possum” can make them very difficult to deal with. It is common for some to use a snare pole to remove adult opossum members.

  • Trapping the animals

After backing the animal to a corner, a trap can capture and relocate them. However, anyone using traps must be careful of any reprisal or defensive attack.

Also, when capturing or dealing with Opossums, gloves should be worn to minimize contact with them.

  • Decontamination and Repairs

After getting the Opossum of your building or property, the next step should be to clean and disinfect all the areas that suggest their presence. It includes clearing their droppings, furs, remnants, nests and disinfecting all spaces, including utilities that hold their mark.

You cannot do it alone.

In rare cases, mother opossums will react aggressively to any attempt to relocate or capture them, and it may get troublesome. Employing the services of Critter Capture Jackson is the best way out for people in Alabama, Louisiana, Jackson, Mississippi, and related regions.

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How to Keep Opossum Away?

Of all of the nuisance animals that are commonly encountered by homeowners, no are more misunderstood than the opossum. This critter spends its time scavenging for food and looking for a good place to raise its young. Opossums are very prevalent in many different areas, both urban and rural, and they tend to subsist by being scavengers. If you have opossums on your property or in your home, it can cause health and property damage problems. Continue reading to learn how to keep opossums away from your property and home.

What problems can opossums cause?

It is very important for everyone to understand why having opossums around you and your home is dangerous. There are two major reasons that can make opossums living near you harmful. The first and most important reason is the potential for health impacts. Opossums are just like other nuisance animals in that they are capable of carrying many different diseases that could put you, your family, and your pets in the hospital. Some of the more common opossum diseases are tularemia, leptospirosis, and spotted fever. These diseases are spread in some different transmission methods that can lead to humans being infected easily. One of the more common infection methods is when a human comes into contact with an infected opossum’s urine, feces, or saliva. Another way that this can occur is if an opossum directly bites or scratches a human.

Beyond the risk of health issues, opossums can cause some fairly serious property damage. When they are trying to get into homes, particularly if they want access to the attic, they will bludgeon their way through. This can create new entry holes that can lead to more pests gaining access to your home. In addition, once inside, opossums will smash down your insulation and could potentially have their young in your home. One of the worst problems is the amount of urine and droppings that stain and cause your entire home to smell terrible.

Protect Your Home

One of the most important ways to keep opossums away from your home is to make sure that they cannot enter it even if they try. This can be done by following a simple set of steps. First, you will need to check your entire home to look for any potential entry points that opossums could make use of. Look for any large holes or cracks, as well as any small ones that could be enlarged and exploited by opossums looking for a way in. If you see any problem areas, you will want to fix them as soon as possible. Try using aluminum sheeting, all-weather sealant, new shingles, or new lumber to repair. If the repairs are above your skill level, this is a great time to hire a pest control company, as they are able to perform repair and prevention services. Once this is done, you will be much more likely to keep opossums away.

Clean Up Your Yard

Another great opossum prevention method is to make your yard less appealing to the creatures. This can be done in a variety of ways, as there are two major reasons that opossums are attracted to your property: food and shelter sources. To remove food sources, begin by securing your trash can and pet food, making sure no critters can get into them. Next, move on to the shelter component. This can be done by removing any old leaf piles, cutting tall grass and weeds, and cleaning up any wood piles or other accumulations of debris. These steps will make opossums much less likely to come near your home.

Hire a Professional

One of the best choices you can make is to hire a professional wildlife removal service. These companies are able to send their experts out to remove opossums, or if none are present, to assist you in making your home and yard opossum-proof. One of the services that wildlife removal companies can provide is an animal damage repair and exclusion service. These services will keep any future opossums out of your home by making it impossible for them to get in. Hiring a pest control company is one of the best ways to make sure that you do not get an infestation that could potentially cost serious amounts of money to remove.

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